Inside Chile, we name the latest act out-of resting to consume and take in teas at mid-mid-day “that have 11” (“tomar Once”)

Inside Chile, we name the latest act out-of resting to consume and take in teas at mid-mid-day “that have 11” (“tomar Once”)

Director’s report:

Among the many myths concerning resource associated with phrase was out-of to your the end of the new XIX century, and you can informs out of a keen eleven-user girls club one achieved getting dialogue, every mid-day, around teacups and pastries. Tea Day, the fresh documentary, is like so it facts, also it captures a good transversal public individualized that happens after all years and you may public ingredients; it is, yet not, an excellent rite that is dying. It once was a second of the day where friends and family achieved to express; such female continue doing very each and every day, and also as a group once per month, for sixty age. Although they had to live through various historic and you can governmental alter. Even after high variations in how they deal with these alter, it seems vital that you me to reveal how they were in a position to dispute nonetheless like both. Relationship makes her or him transcend divergences, considering the constant collecting within the desk. By this number of women, liberal and you can conventional, the many thought process which can are present in almost any given area was portrayed, in some mi enlace instances they don’t agree otherwise arrive at consensus nonetheless they manage establish dialog and you may admiration. As granddaughter of one of your own characters, I have already been observing this monthly rite once the teens. I would like to give this story since I think in this microworld was portrayed personal and you can political variations which have lived in Chile. These individuals stayed a period of time where in actuality the part of females altered completely. He has always modified in order to changes now however do not quit, selecting the new ventures being inevitably the brand new, and you can representing a special brand of ageing, which in spite away from infection and you may dealing with death, they play the role of totally energetic.


Half a dozen earlier people religiously collect having teas, monthly, for the past 60 many years. Throughout these group meetings, it make an effort to look their finest, jovial, because if they’d the whole life just before her or him, seeking temporarily cover up that go out are usually passing to them. Within desk, they make an endeavor getting something you should tell, not to go unnoticed, proving they are still upwards-to-time. It purchase the day interpreting current things and you can manner as to the other people, or even the Tv, possess told them. Despite not expertise some trends, it comment on all of them with natural expert, seeking to describe them to one another. Within these teatime events it understand, as an example, that is Madonna, exactly what are swingers, and you may exactly what “cool,” “humping,” and “making out,” mean. When there will be discrepancies, simple fact is that private records that can come aside and high light the fresh new variations of advice. Despite having a familiar knowledge when you look at the a spiritual college, that they had to call home courtesy a period of major historic alter you to definitely provoked polarizations during the group: specific had the means to access higher education, others preferred are homemakers; some made use of contraceptives, someone else turned into widows before access her or him; particular separated along with their husbands’ infidelities, anybody else made a decision to keep looks; specific hitched officials in the armed forces, others had to sustain the new disappearance away from family unit members for the dictatorship. Hence, despite totally different biographies and you may personalities, hence creates lingering quarrels included in this, eventually it be able to understand, match and you will compliment each other. He has suffered lighter losses for the sense attitudes, but each one have a unique issue, to ensure an individual run out of is actually formulated from the category-mates. For example, one which is not hearing checks out into one which doesn’t pick. Ergo, it have the ability to put together an existence program that entirely ignores the fresh conditions they experience. This new afternoons solution plus it appears that absolutely nothing in their lives changes, until the death of included in this makes them undergo a time period of clear conversion process.

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