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Anshika foundation continues to grow! We are now running successful programs in five states. Of course, people in many other states need the kind of help we provide. So we are planning to reach out to even more people, in even more countries. To do this, we are recruiting people to become Anshika Foundation Social Franchisees.

What is Anshika Foundation’s social franchise model?

It is a process that allows Anshika foundation to expand its mission into new geographic areas. We do this by sharing our curriculum, training expertise, best practices and intellectual property to further Anshika foundation cause in the new community.

Anshika foundation Social Franchisees set up stand-alone community technology and learning centers  in their communities. The franchisee combines the operational strengths of Anshika foundation with his or her local relationships and history in the community. We understand that sustainability is key and it is important to engage and include the local community. For example, the local government may provide a location for the center. It may even build or renovate a building for the center. Locals can then serve as volunteers in the center.

  • Each Learning Center is of the people, by the people, and for the people and is usually named in reference to the local town or community.
  • The Learning Center deliver a repertoire of best fit programs for the community and based on their needs. By becoming a Anshika foundation Social Franchisee, you can help us make a difference in the lives of women and youth across the world.

How to become a Anshika foundation Social Franchisee

The following are the steps to becoming a Anshika foundation Social Franchisee:

Step 1: Apply online to become a Anshika Foundation Social Franchisee.

Step 2: Anshika foundation provides feedback on application (30 to 45 days)

Step 3: Franchisee signs agreement and launches crowd funding campaign (30 days)

Step 4: Curriculum and equipment delivered to site (30 days)

Step 5: Monthly impact reporting to Anshika foundation

The Anshika foundation Social Franchisee must make reasonable, but significant, contributions to the project. We engage and train communities in the project and build the skills that they will need to maintain the program. The local people (local governments, community groups, and educators) must then work to make the project succeed.

The YTF Social Franchisee must set up a local management committee (LMC). The LMC brings together various stakeholders (such as school administrators, teachers, community members and parents, and traditional rulers and opinion leaders). These people will work with each other and with Anshika foundation to make sure that the program succeeds.

The Anshika foundation Social Franchisee further involves families and communities in the Learning Centers in the following ways:


  1. Recruiting and training members of the community to run the Learning Centers.
  2. Encouraging community members to make use of the Learning Centers.
  3. Helping other stakeholders learn about how technology can be used in education, agriculture, health, and entrepreneurship.
  4. Taking part in the Learning Centers “open house”—when parents and community members will visit the CTLC to see demonstrations and a display of students’ work.
  5. Organizing meetings with parents, village headmen, and chiefs from surrounding villages to introduce the program

Our expansion model is led by the communities we serve. When we are invited to offer a new program, we do research to see whether the project is a good fit. We need to make sure that we can provide enough support to help the Social Franchisee launch the project, and that the project will have the local support it needs to succeed in the long run.

To become a Anshika foundation Social Franchisee and create a CTLC in your community, please click here to complete the application form.

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