Social Welfare

Hundreds of disasters occur each year, causing immense suffering, destruction and loss. Sadly, it is often the poorest and most vulnerable who experience the consequences of these disasters the most.
World Relief responds to disasters in some of the most remote, rural and
hard to reach places on earth by:

  • Providing Basic Needs
  • Restoring Livelihoods
  • Reducing risks

We take a local approach to disaster relief and recovery, relying upon local knowledge, expertise and resources where our staff is already on the ground—and on partnerships.

Our approach concentrates on mobilizing and equipping community partners—those who know their communities, know their needs, know their volunteers and know the most vulnerable. 

  • Provision of food & clean water
  • Safe, reliable shelter
  • Sanitation & hygiene
  • Emergency nutrition assistance
  • Psychosocial support

We believe there is an opportunity to reduce suffering by taking a proactive approach to disasters, which in the face of recurring disasters like famine and drought can significantly reduce devastation and loss. 

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